THE GYM WB is just that. A gym. A place where people gather to get fit. THE GYM is your second home. A place where you will receive the support, motivation and knowledge to improve your quality of life. THE GYM focuses on improving the three pillars of health: physical activity, nutrition and mindset. Our classes are fun and full of variety, yet effective and challenging. The trainers at THE GYM are passionate about helping every member achieve their greatest potential.

Have Fun.

Be Strong.

Live Better.


Classes at THE GYM are large group physical fitness classes. We specialize in using kettlebells, but that doesn’t mean every class is all kettlebells. Classes involve a full body workout using lots of variations of the hinge, squat, push, pull and carry. Our trainers will work with your specific goals to tailor each workout to fit your specific needs. So while all members may be doing the same workout, each member’s workout may look a little different within the group.


Please contact one of the trainers to discuss personal training options.


Please contact one of the trainers to discuss personal programming options.